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About Felixstowe. A Record of Felixstowe. Felixstowe, a flavorsome coastal town.

FELIXSTOWE is an attractive coastal resort in the County of Suffolk, which is located on the East Coast of England.

E111 Card – Now European Health Insurance Card

The E111 Card has been replaceed by the European Health Insurance Card. The EHIC permits anyone that is insured by or covered by a legal social security scheme of the European Economic Area (EEA) nations and Switzerland to get state-provided medical treatment in the country they’re visiting free or at a reduced cost if that […]

Is Hawaii the best spot to Invest in Real-estate?

For many real estate stockholders, the Hawaiian Housing Market appears too pricey and unstable to offer any real profit. But this couldn't be further from the actual facts. Hawaii is a completely unique spot that offers backers profit-making deals that can not be found in any other place. The key is the find the best […]