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0 Percent Credit Cards-Are 0 Percent Credit Cards Really Any Good?

When exploring credit card programs, there’s a lot more to consider than low or 0 percent credit cards. In actuality, you might find it better to select from the large number of rewards credit cards, airline credit cards, cash back credit cards, platinum cards and no annual fee credit cards. Knowing all of your options is important when making any decision. 0 percent credit cards have their uses, but are they always the best choice?

2009 American Gold Buffalo Proof Coins

The United States Mint has made the announcement that it has begun to take orders for it’s 1-ounce 2009 American Gold Buffalo Coins starting on October 29, 2009. The coin’s price will be established by The United States Mint according to the pricing structure that has been put in place concerning their gold, silver and platinum collectible coin products.

2009 Contribution Limits For 401k

401K maximum contribution guidelines dictate how much money you are allowed to invest in 401K accounts in a given year. The exact amount changes every year, depending on the standard cost of living. Every October, the IRS releases the new standard of living rate along with the contribution guidelines for the following year.