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1999 Monte Carlo Gathers $105K In Parking Tickets

A woman is suing the town of Chicago because of a $105,000-plus parking ticket bill accrued by her $600 Junker vehicle. The citations, collected over three years, add up to the largest such bill ever served by the city. However, there are reasons why she may have a very good case.

3 Steps to Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a way for you to consolidate your current debt into one loan, usually at a lower interest rate. Often the rate will be fixed. So rather than writing many checks per month, you will be able to write one check combining all your high interest rate loans and credit card debt.

30 Years In Debt, Thanks Harvard

It’s a cute saying now: debt is big business. It’s the number one wealth generator for a handful of credit-issuing entities. The lines of credit you pilfer on iPods and tennis shoes is the interest rate credit card companies earn back and then some. Of course you never see the interest rate, until it’s jacked your monthly payments through the roof. No, it’s like a cancer. You never see the tumor, in most cases, until it’s too late.