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[14:27:14] Nicolene Van Der Poll: Debt Settlement Laws Where To Learn About Them

Debt settlement laws are there to help you when you have Problems paying off your debt. You might find that you have tons of bills to pay each month and you cannot keep up. This is where the laws come in useful to grasp, so you are guarded from the companies you owe money to from taking everything you have. You may be given time to make your payments and you’ll be helped whenever feasible with recommendation and debt analysis. The laws give you a specific number of other things to help you, so where can you learn more about these laws?

$500,000 Awarded to California Couple in FDCPA Case

Last month, Manuel and Luz Fausto won one of the biggest collection awards documented in the last couple of years under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) against Credigy Services Corporation. A California jury awarded the Faustos $500,000 in damages derived from harassment by Credigy collectors. Of the sum, granted $100,000 was for actual damages the Faustos experienced, while $400,000 was in punitive damages, granted for malicious and reckless disregard of the couples rights. According to one of the Faustos lawyers, David Humphreys of Humphreys Wallace Humphreys, P.C., and the case derived from a debt on a Wells Fargo charge card opened in 1992.

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