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Don’t Neglect Your Credit Score

A bit of time and drive are needed to understand how to amend your credit rating. A credit rating may be one of the most important aspects of your financial situation that would need your constant monitoring, particularly if you always have the need to borrow money from lenders. Any loan or credit that you apply for, have high chances of getting rejected if you have a low evaluation.

Foreclosure or Bankruptcy, what is best for you?

The latest credit industry polls show that on average American’s are 130% in debt. That means that 130% of their monthly income goes to debt or debt reduction. We are not suggesting you ignore your credit card or car payments, but if your crystal ball shows that your war chest is irreplaceable over the next 3 to 6 months; it’s time to consider an alternative approach (i.e. preparation for bankruptcy, or foreclosure) and stretch the dollars you do have in the interim to cover Shelter, Electricity, and Food. Compare what your grandparents would have done; pay for the big screen TV or make sure there is food in the fridge? The average four (4) person U.S. family consumes about $1,000 in food per month- that is your big screen TV! With the economy in free fall and unemployment on the rise, over 5 million homeowners are facing an unfortunate reality of a lost job and tough times ahead. If you’re one of these American’s, you have already looked in your crystal ball and realized how far you can stretch what you have in cash assets. Incorporating your lost income, unemployment, or in many cases no unemployment in tough times ahead. We must consider life’s essentials: Shelter, Electricity, and Food.

Get Your Loan Modification Approved With These Expert Tips

To improve the chances of getting your loan modification approved, we’ll go over a few ways to do that. These little known facts drastically step-up your chances of success. Let’s get into the loan modification insider tips.