-“The Need For a Money Coach” by a Denver Christian Financial Counseling

Financial Life Coaching is NOT the one-size-fits-all type of approach that is so common and ineffective today. Neither do we believe in a “quick fix” when it comes to money. Instead, we take a unique approach to build a personalized plan for financial management and walk with you through an interactive process. We look for barriers to your financial independence and help you make the necessary changes to achieve financial success. If all those fast and easy systems actually worked, our country would be in much better shape.

There is research that shows almost 95% of Americans would not be able to retire at age 65 because they would be financially dependent on someone…or broke! Now the average household has over $8,500 in credit card debt and will take many many years to pay off, if ever.
So what can a Financial Life Coach do help?

Just like all top athletes, to get better at something, you need practice and a coach, and your finances are no different.
Eveyone has area in their life or finances that they cannot see as problems so an outside professional will be able to help point them out and give you a plan of action to move past them and achieve your life and financial goals.

A coach is there to see us through our failures, to encourage us, to help us see where we can improve, and to keep us going. A Financial Life Coach helps us sort through our lives to figure out our finances and what affects them so we can make the necessary changes and be able to live life to its fullest.
As you go through the iMoneyCoach courses and meetings you will learn about things like the importance of living a life in balance, setting goals, banking basics, your current and potential financial states, the value of budgeting, managing your money well, controlling spending, and so on. We not only want to get individuals out of debt, but it is our goal to teach a lifetime system of maintaining finances. Then, not only can you stay out of debt, but you have learned how to make your savings and investment accounts grow so that the income from those accounts is more than your spending each month.

Our Life Segments
It may surprise you to hear that financial problems are never financial at their core. The first step in Money Coaching is learning that it is vital to live a life of balance because all of the various segments of our lives are interconnected and interdependent. We are complex beings, and naturally the segments of our lives overlap. Those basic segments include: Spiritual, Personal, Relational, Occupational, and Financial. When there are problems in the first four segments, finances are commonly used to try to remedy the problem and artificially support those segments. Unfortunately it does not fix the underlying problem and acts only as a band-aid to cover up weaknesses and failures. We work with clients to figure out what the underlying problems are so they can be overcome, and financial success can be achieved

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